Couple enjoying breakfast at a Riad in Fes

The 10 Best Riads in Fes & Where To Stay in Fes

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Wondering where to stay in Fes, Morocco? From luxury accommodations to budget-friendly Riads, there are some amazing and VERY beautiful Dars and Riads in Fes to call home while you’re visiting Morocco. 

Sure, you can stay in hotels in Fes, but we REALLY suggest you opt for a Riad or Dar for your Fes accommodation choice!

Whether you’re staying in Fes for one night or a few nights, staying at a Dar or Riad while exploring Morocco is a must! In fact, in our opinion, staying in a Riad is an essential experience to have in Morocco!

So, without further ado, some of the most beautiful and best Riads in Fes are just below!

Best Riads in Fes (Budget, Mid-Range, & Luxury)

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Best Area To Stay In Fes

Before diving in, let’s make sure you know the best area to stay in Fes.

Without a doubt, when planning and booking your accommodation in Fes, you should 100% stay within the walls of the Medina. The Fes Medina, locally known as Fes El Bali, is Fes’s historic and ancient walled city.

The narrow, car-free alleyways is where all the Fes top attractions and “must see” sights like Bou Inania Madrasa and Chouara Tannery are located. Not to mention endless cafes, souks, and markets for you to wander through and enjoy.

Trust us. To not stay in the Fes Medina would be a big mistake! It’s the beating heart of the city.

The good news is, there are LOADS of amazing Riad and Dar’s that call the Medina home. And the list of below Dars and Riads in Fes place you smack dab in the heart of the bustling and captivating Medina.

Be sure to check out the list of fantastic things to see and do in Fes!

What Is The Difference Between a Riad and a Dar?

Ok, the second thing before we dive in 🙂

You should probably know the difference between some accommodations in Fes and Morocco, for that matter – Riads vs. Dars.

First, understand both are traditional homes found throughout Morocco, specifically within a Medina. And above all, both are FANTASTIC accommodation options when looking to book a stay not only in Fes but throughout Morocco.

However, there are some slight differences between the two.

Couple enjoying sunset from a rooftop in Fes

Outside of their names, Dar (house) and Riad (garden), the main difference is whether they have a garden or not.

Generally, Dar’s are smaller than Riad’s, and unlike Riads, Dar’s do not have a large garden in their courtyard.

So, whether you are booking a stay at a Dar or a Riad in Fes, both options are in Medinas, which will place you in the center of the town, the souks, and a seemingly endless list of things to do.

Ok, now, the best Dars and Riads in Fes!

1. Dar Borj

Dar Borj is located within the Fes Medina, close to Bab Bou Jeloud (The Blue Gate). In addition to being close to one of the biggest attractions in Fes, Dar Borj is situated a few steps away from one of the many local markets and eateries in the medina.

As soon as you enter Dar Borj, you are welcomed with mint tea and a smile – the only way to be greeted in Morocco, in our opinion.

Dar Borg, a beautiful dar in Fes

The Moroccan family that runs the Dar is kind, helpful, and more than willing to accommodate any need, such as booking you a tour or helping you coordinate your transportation to your next Moroccan destination.

Dar Borj is several stories high and boasts amazing views of the Medina from its rooftop terrace. The terrace is also where your breakfast is served. Breakfast is included, by the way!

Dar Borj terrace and breakfast nook

The room your breakfast is served is a small, quaint room full of plush pillows and Moroccan prints. And the breakfast, woah, the breakfast! It’s delicious.

All around, we can’t recommend Dar Borj enough. Its location is great, the staff is friendly, and the décor and vibe are exactly what you need to make you feel like “you’re in Morocco.”

2. Riad Fes Maya Suite & Spa

Located in the heart of the Medina of Fes, you’ll find a 5-star Riad bed and breakfast.

Whether you’re looking for incredible views of the city of Fes or to stay at a traditional Riad that exquisitely exhibits traditional Moroccan architecture, Riad Fes Maya may just be for you.

A beautiful bedroom in Riad Fes Maya

Recently restored to honor the richness of Moroccan style, Riad Fes Maya offers a wonderful architectural ambiance for visitors to relax and enjoy.

Every room includes a terrace that allows guests to experience views of Fes from their room. Not to mention, Riad Fes Maya has a terrace that offers a 360 panoramic view of the city, making it the perfect place to enjoy Moroccan mint tea.

Views of Fes from the Terrace of Riad Fes Maya

If you’re hungry, indulge in the on-site restaurant serving traditional Moroccan cuisines like couscous, tajines, and tasty pastilla. 

If you need help relaxing, book a session at Riad Fes Maya’s on-site spa. And if you need help booking a tour or transfer, the front desk can assist!

Basically, if you are looking for luxury with an incredibly convenient location and amazing amenities and services, consider reserving a room at Riad Fes Maya!

3. Riad Fes Baraka

Like the other Riads listed above, Riad Fes Baraka is within Fes’s ancient and chaotic Medina walls. However, the tranquility offered within the Riad contrasts the bustling streets of the Medina outside.

Guests can enjoy a swimming pool, a traditional Moroccan hammam and spa (which is a perfect way to end your day after shopping the souks!), and a lovely terrace where you can soak in the sunshine.

Stunning Moroccan courtyard of Riad Fes Baraka

Clean, comfortable rooms are only rivaled by the staff’s hospitality. Visitors to the Riad can expect full concierge services where you’ll be assisted in booking professional guides, restaurant reservations, and transportation to the airport or to your next destination in Morocco.

Free breakfast is included with your stay, which is the perfect way to start any day in Morocco! Enjoy your meal at the onsite restaurant as colorful mosaics, traditional sconces, and entryways surround you. 

Beautifully decorated room in Riad Fes Baraka

4. Riad Fes – Relais & Châteaux

May we present you Riad Fes, a luxury 5-star Riad located in the heart of the Fes Medina.

From an on-site Hammam and Spa to a pool, Riad Fes has you set for relaxation. If you still need to unwind, a fully stocked bar and assortment of shisha flavors wait for you at the courtyard restaurant.

Beautiful outdoor and indoor courtyards at Riad Fes

From breakfast to lunch to dinner, the food that is served is with a friendly smile and full of flavor. Speaking of smiles, the staff is amazing. So friendly, kind, and helpful, you’ll feel like part of the family.

If we haven’t sold you yet, let us talk to you about the rooms. The rooms are private and decked out in beautiful Moroccan details. A beautiful blend of modern and traditional Morocco. Warm tones, comfortable beds that beckon to you after a day of exploring, and thoughtful details make up every room at Riad Fes Relais & Châteaux.

The luxurious bedroom of Riad Fes

Riad Fes was home to one of the most refined families of Fes. And you’ll see why. The Riad itself is covered from head to toe in beautiful, tiled walls and floors, lush courtyards, and carved plaster and wood. Truly, it’s stunning.

Riad Fes is 5 stars for a reason, and they make sure you leave feeling like a 6!

5. Riad Razane (Budget Friendly Riad in Fes!)

Located in an authentic Moroccan neighborhood within the Fes Medina, Riad Razane is a historic home dating back to the 14th century.

Guests are welcomed with complimentary mint tea, which you can enjoy from the Riad’s tree-lined patio or the rooftop terrace with panoramic views. The choice is yours!

Terrace rooftop of Riad Razane

Riad Razane is small, a boutique Riad. Only offering a total of 7 rooms, you’re stay will be an intimate one.

As for the rooms, each room stays true to a traditional Moroccan style. Full of color and mosaics, just how we like our Riads to come! From double rooms with a terrace view to a standard room with a courtyard view, your stay at Riad Razane will be comfortable, authentic, and delightful.

Room in Riad Razane in Fes, Morocco

You’ll be welcomed by the kindest staff and surrounded by traditional Moroccan décor with mosaics, high ceilings, and large windows.

So, we ask you, what’s not to like?!

6. Riad Rcif Alif Suite & Spa

This 5-star property falls nothing short of oozing charm and luxury. Located in one of the nicest districts of the Fes Medina, Riad Rcif Alif is highly rated as one of the best Riads in Fes.

Originally built in 1372, Riad Rcif Alif underwent an extensive renovation in 2012. As part of the renovation, everything was hand carved, painted, and sculpted by artisans of Fes to resemble Morocco’s Arabic style and architecture.

Riad Rcif Alif beautiful mosaic courtyard

Outside of the intricate details and craftsmanship that can be found through the Riad, Riad Rcif Alif offers guests spacious and comfortable rooms with plush pillows and refined décor.

Guests can walk the grounds outside of the rooms, enjoying the pool, on-site restaurant and bar, and spa. Not to mention, exceptional dinners are served on their rooftop terrace.

Riad Rcif Alif relaxing pool

The front desk can help you arrange tours, transfers, cooking classes, and pottery workshops. From the amenities, welcoming staff, and exquisitely designed rooms, you are guaranteed an unforgettable stay in Riad Rcif Alif.

7. Dar Hafsa

Dar Hafsa is a traditional 19th-century Moroccan home packed to the brim with ornate tile work, multiple indoor balconies, and intricate wood carvings.

The house (Dar), which was recently renovated, has a cozy feeling and welcoming ambiance, allowing visitors to escape the Moroccan hustle and bustle found just outside its walls. A little oasis, if you will!

Mosaic filled Dar Hafsa in Fes

Once you arrive, you are welcome by the family who manages the Dar, who will see that your stay is something short of enjoyable.  

Dar Hafsa offers an expansive view of the Medina and the Riff Mountains from its rooftop terrace as well as being a few minutes walk to the famous Blue Gate, a handful of amazing restaurants, and souks where you can grab whatever souvenir you wish.

Terrace rooftop of Dar Hafsa

Whether you book a stay in their single room, deluxe room, or triple room, you’ll stay in clean comfort within a beautifully designed room.

8. Riad Layalina

Another spectacular Riad found in Fes is Riad Layalina. A small 7-bedroom Riad with an outdoor swimming pool, a lovely courtyard, and a four-level panoramic terrace with expansive views over Fes.

Sound good? There’s more.

The beautiful courtyard of Riad Layalina in Fes

Completely renovated in 2011, the Riad is not only quaint but decorated in beautiful traditional Moroccan décor. Plants, hanging lanterns, and mosaic masterpieces are seemingly found around every corner of the Riad, making you feel like you are in Morocco.

Riad Layalina courtyard and meals

If you want to get familiar with Moroccan cuisine, partake in Riad Layalina’s cooking class.

Traveling as a group? It’s possible to book out the whole riad, too. Fancy, right?!

9. Dar Seffarine

Another highly rated accommodation in Fes is the splendid and ever-lovely Dar Seffarine.

Dar Seffarine is truly nothing short of stunning. In fact, Dar Seffarine was one of the first boutique hotels to open in the Fes Medina.

First constructed over 600 years ago, this ancient Dar took seven years to restore. As they say, good things take time 🙂

Dar Seffarine's courtyard in Fes

The entire Dar is a masterpiece. Detailed Islamic motifs, hand-carved plaster and wood, green and blue mosaic tiles, and traditional furnishings.

Guests can book one of six uniquely and masterfully decorated suites honoring modern and old Morocco.

Modern and traditional rooms of Dar Seffarine

Besides the beautiful details and design, Dar Seffarine’s location is also top-notch. Close to popular Fes sights like Attarin Medersa and Moulay Abdellah Quarter, guests can enjoy a walk in the medina and its souks.

After a day of exploring Fes, guests can cozy up on Dar Seffarine’s rooftop terrace to watch the sunset as they enjoy a meal and drink.

Sound lovely, doesn’t it?

10. Riad Laaroussa

Last but CERTAINLY not least the elegantly beautiful Riad Laaroussa.

Have you ever wanted to stay in a palace? Yes…a palace. Well, here is your chance!

Riad Laaroussa is set in a 17th-century palace, which happens to be in the heart of Fes.

Owned and run by a local family, Riad Laaroussa offers guests 13 suites and rooms to choose from. All still feature the original mosaic floors, wood ceilings, and hand-carved details.

A gorgeous bedroom in Riad Laaroussa

If that’s not good enough, the spacious suites and rooms surround a peaceful, orange tree-filled courtyard where guests can relax and enjoy their day. Oh, and the pool. The pool is surrounded by a lush garden and is heated when the months get cooler.

Riad Laaroussa in Fes and it's beautiful pool

This 300-year-old Riad offers an on-site traditional hammam and spa with massage treatments, a bar where guests can get a drink, and a restaurant that serves traditional Moroccan and Fassi cuisine.

Ready to book your stay? You should be.

What To Know Before Your Stay in A Moroccan Riad or Dar

Do you know the saying never judge a book by its cover? Well, this could not be truer for Riads or Dars.

From the street, your Riad or Dar will not look like much. In fact, you may even have trouble finding a sign. The reason for this (and what we learned on our Fes Walking Tour) is that all the homes are equal from the street.

Everyone’s homes are unsuspecting, and wealth is not flaunted on the exterior. It’s not until you walk through the doors of your Riad or Dar that the true beauty of your accommodation hits.

You are transported to a mosaic oasis. Riads and Dars are several stories in height with an interior and exterior courtyard, not to mention beautiful terraces that give you amazing views of Fes.

Couple enjoying Riad Fes

When staying at a Riad or Dar, understand these homes are old, ancient even, and have often been refurbished and renovated to accommodate modern amenities. And since they were built hundreds of years ago, they are sometimes small, having nowhere near the number of rooms you’ll find at hotels.

Rather, Dar and Riads are boutique-like or like a bed and breakfast. Often owned and run by a family, who you’ll inevitably get to know rather well. Making each Riad and Dar a more private and intimate stay.

So whether you stay at one of the above highly-rated Riads in Fes or at another Riad not on the list, staying at a Riad or Dar while in Morocco is one of the best things one can do.


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