Is Morocco Safe? Safety Tips for Your Visit to Morocco

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Last Updated on July 8, 2019

We get it, when traveling to a new country a whole list of worries and concerns are provoked. So your question “is morocco safe” is a valid one to ask. Whether you are a solo female traveler, a couple or a family traveling to Morocco, we’re here to give you some safety tips for your visit to Morocco.

Is Morocco Safe?

Safety Tips For Visiting Morocco

Morocco is a wonderful country full of bustling medina’s, tantalizing smells and rich culture that makes any feel all those good wanderlust vibes. However, with the all beauty and interest Morocco inspires, there are a few safety tips for Morocco we want to share.

1) Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Since muggings and pickpockets are common, carry with you only what you need.

  • Leave your passport locked up in the safe at the hotel.
  • Don’t keep anything in your back pockets – try and keep them in your front pockets of trousers or in pockets that zip.
  • Try not to carry a lot of cash. If you have a decent amount of cash with you, make sure to keep the contents of your wallet a secret when you are paying for things.
  • Avoid flashy jewelry, keep a hold of that cell phone and camera too. Basically, don’t flaunt your valuables.
  • If you are carrying a bag, make sure it is worn across your body and not on your shoulder. Carrying bags on your shoulder make it easy for pickpocketers to run, grab and be gone.

2) Keep An Eye Out for Scams

The shop sellers and souk vendors of Morocco can be aggressive. They are sales people and boy oh boy, do they know how to sell!

  • Moroccan woman will come up to you and start drawing Henna tattoos on you. This is not for free! They will expect an outragages price at the end.
  • If a snake charmer or Monkey tamer in el-Fna Jemaa signals you to take a picture, expect them to demand money at the end. This also rings true for souk shops. If you take pictures, ask first, or else you can expect them to ask you for some money.
  • You may have someone pretend like they recognize you – they don’t. You’ve never met. It’s a scam.
  • Don’t be afraid to haggle! Haggle, haggle, haggle with any shop vendor or tour guide. Everything is negotiable.
Shopping at the Souks in The Medina
Shopping at the Souks in The Medina

3) Be Wary of Tour Guides

Be prepared to get offered “amazing tours at amazing prices” when you are out walking the medina or en route to a new city. Kindly decline the extremely friendly tour guide.

If they start walking with you and giving you the tour, this is where you need to be stern because they will most definitely heckle you for money.

If you are interested in a tour guide, take to Trip Advisor or talk through what options your accommodation provides.

4) Never Get in A Taxi Without Knowing The Price

Always negotiate the price for taxis upfront! Do not get in the taxi until you know the cost. We repeat, do not get in the taxi until you know the cost!

If you get in the cab without knowing the cost, you’ll be hit with an outrageous fare once you arrive at your destination.

5) Don’t Walk Alone at Night

This is one of our below tips for solo females traveling to Morocco, but really should be a tip for everyone.

Be careful walking at night in Morocco. Crime is a pretty regular thing here, especially against tourist. Walk in groups and be aware of your surroundings after the sun sets.

Bab Bou Jeloud, The Blue Gate of Fes
Bab Bou Jeloud, The Blue Gate of Fes

6) Learn Some Arabic

Phrases like, “hello”, “no thank you” and “goodbye” are great ones to learn. It shows locals you are trying to integrate and be respectful of the culture, plus, they’ll get a laugh when you pronounce the words wrong 🙂

7) The Food & The Water

Drinking from a tap in Morocco is not recommended. Bottle water only and in addition, ask for drinks without ice to take an extra step of precaution.

As for the food, you can expect to maybe have a little stomach trouble. You’ll be eating new flavors and spice profiles that may not always agree with your stomach. Come prepared with medication like Tums and Ciprofloxacin.

marrakech medina in Morocco
Marrakech medina in Morocco

How Safe is Morocco For Female Tourists?

First, understand that no matter where you go, traveling solo as a woman is always going to have its risks. It’s sad, but true. Unfortunately, Morocco is no exception to the solo female travel rule.

HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER, traveling solo as a female in Morocco can be very safe and great new adventure!

As a female, it’s an inherent understanding that we must always exercise more caution than our male counterparts when traveling solo.

Below are some safety tips for solo female travelers who are making their way to Morocco…

1) Ignore The Men

Moroccan men are very forward. They will stare and hoot and holler at you things like “hello beautiful lady.” Kindly walk pass their cat calls and ignore them. Don’t engage with them and if they approach, kindly decline any offers they may ask you.

The key to all of this is BE KIND. Be stern and assertive, but kind. Don’t cause a scene or burst out in anger. Keep walking and enjoying your day.

2) Dress Appropriately

One of the most important tips is this one – dress appropriately. Cover your shoulders and legs and if need be, bring a scarf with you.

Morocco is hot, so loose, airy clothes are a great option for woman.

Dressing inappropriately is a sure fire way to be pegged as a tourist and an even better way to get a larger influx of unwanted attention from men.

Copper Souk Stalls of Fes
Copper Souk Stalls of Fes

3) Don’t Walk Alone at Night

Especially as a woman, do not walk alone at night in Morocco. The streets are not that well lit and hard to navigate. It’s easy to get lost and end up in a neighborhood that you don’t want to be in.

4) Hire A Guide

By no means necessary but maybe a good idea if you are feeling a little nervous traveling by yourself. Book a guide through your accommodation and NOT with a vendor on the street.

5) Have a International SIM Card

If you are in a emergency situation, make sure you have an international SIM card so you can call someone.

Also, it’s a great way to stay in touch with the news so you understand if there are any protests or recent conflicts in areas you’ll want to make sure to avoid.

the blue city of Morocco
the blue city of Morocco

How Safe is Morocco For Families?

During our time in Morocco we saw and spoke with MANY families. Majority of the families were Dutch and French tourists, but all families were loving their time in Morocco.

If traveling to Morocco as a family, we suggest booking private tours and transportations.

By booking a private tour, it takes the thinking out of it for the parents and also provides an organized, safe way to explore the country and get around.

Also consider booking an accommodation with a pool. This is a fun way for the kiddo’s to unwind and take a break from the hot sun of Morocco.

Mint Tea on Moroccan Rooftop
Mint Tea on Moroccan Rooftop

How Safe is Morocco for American Tourists?

Yes, we are an American travel couple so we felt that we should include a little blurb about traveling to Morocco as American tourists.

First, we like to think that if a country, like Morocco, is safe for other countries to travel to, why shouldn’t it be safe for Americans?

However, we understand that the political climate is ever changing and as Americans, we may get a bad rap, more so than other countries. Which is why you should always check the State Department’s website for the latest and greatest information on security threats and travel warnings.

We can say from personal experience, we never felt unwelcome or unsafe when traveling around Morocco! We used the above tips and were always aware of our surroundings.

However, above all, we were respectful of the culture and customs of the places we were in. You are guests in someones country, remember that and respect that 🙂

Where To Stay in Morocco

From Marrakesh to Fes to Chefchaoun and all the other amazing cities and towns there are to experience in Morocco, check out the latest places and prices below to secure an unforgettable Moroccan accommodation.


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