Pina Colada's at Barrachina


  1. Hi. I found your site by chance. Love it. One comment on your San Juan bars article- coquito does not have egg/clove— only coconut, milk, rum, cinnamon. However, there has been an evolution and folks now make coquito with a variety of flavors. If you add egg it becomes a ponche. It is comparable to eggnog but does not taste like it. Regarding chichaito, hopefully you did not miss out on it. The traditional base is anisette/white rum but the fun part is all the flavors- coconut, guanabana, passionfruit, tamarind…cheers

    1. Ay, Luis! Thank you for that explanation. San Juan doesn’t fall short of offering its visitors and locals a nice place to enjoy a cold drink. Cheers back at ya!

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