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7 Tips on How to Choose A Great Dive Shop

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Trying to figure out which dive shop to go with? Well, we have some tips that you should definitely consider. Below are 7 tips on how to choose a great dive shop. We have a decent amount of dives under our belts and these are some of our best tips we can give you. We want you prepared and feeling good before you jump head first into the water 🙂

The Tips:

1) Start With a Recommendation.

For us, we can confidently say we recommend the below list of shops.

2) If You Can’t Find a Recommendation, Do Your Own Research.

Take to “the google” and search reviews. Look at dive shops social media sites.

Are the reviews positive? Does it look like they are having fun? Any reviews about safety concerns? Reviews are a powerful tool.

3) Ask Questions.

  • Is there a safe place to store valuables?
  • What if I can’t complete a dive, do I still have to pay for it?
  • Is there somewhere I can shower after?
  • What is your cancelation policy?
  • How much experience do your instructors have?
  • Is there an instructor that speaks your native language?
  • What is included in the dive price?

4) Inquire About The Group Size.

We wanted a small group. We wanted to make sure the dive instructor wasn’t distracted by a large class and was able to concentrate on us, making sure our skills were solid.

Honestly, we would recommend paying a little more if it meant you had a smaller class (4 or less).

5) Take A Look At The Dive Shops Gear.

Is their gear beat up? Rusted and outdated? Might want to take a pass on that shop.

Think about it, if they don’t take care of their gear, why would they take care of you?

6) Ask About Cost and What’s Included.

A good dive shop will not pressure you into booking. They should also outline exactly what you’re paying for (ie certification fees, rental/gear fees, student materials, etc).

Basically, at the end of your certification or dive there should be no hidden costs. Honesty is the best policy – don’t book with sketchy shops.

7) The Vibe.

Last but certainly not least is the vibe of the shop!

What’s the feeling you get when you walk in, welcomed or ignored? When you talk to a dive instructor are they excited and personable or rude and annoyed?

The vibe of the shop makes your total dive!

This is exciting for you and rightfully so, you should want a good, supportive, EXCITED dive shop that will give you nothing but the best in the water.


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Happy Travels,

– Lauren & Jesse Stuart (The Stüs)

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