Indonesia Visa Extension – Everything You Need To Know About Extending Your Visa

Alright, listen up ladies and gents. We’re here to ease your Indonesia visa extension worries. Needing to know how to extend your visa while you’re in the country?! We got you.

First things first, we will break down the options you have. Indonesia can be a bit confusing on obtaining Visas and Visa extension, boy do we know it! We were scrambling last minute to figure all this out, so we decided to write a post about it to help you guys avoid what we went through 🙂

Indonesia Visa Extension

Do I Need A Indonesia Visa Extension?

If you plan on staying in Indonesia longer than 30 days, yes.

How Do I Get A Visa Extension for Indonesia?

You have two options on how to secure a visa extension for Indonesia…

1) The Visa Run

Book a flight to another destination, outside of Indonesia, spend a few days there and fly back into Indonesia where you are then eligible for another 30 days.

Singapore and Malaysia tend to be the best options for a visa runs. These countries offer cheap and direct flights to-and-from Bali.

Spend a few days in whatever new country you go to so you don’t run into any issues with reentry back into Indonesia.

2) Indonesia In Country Visa Extension

You can extend your visa at the immigration offices, the most popular are the immigration offices in Yogyakarta and Denpasar (Bali).

A in country visa extension for Indonesia will take about a week, so make sure you have enough time allotted in the city you plan to extend your visa in.

KEY STEPS: There is a super important step that is needed to ensure you are eligible for a in country visa extension. Read below to get all the details. 

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How Do I Get A In Country Visa Extension?

A critical step is needed to make sure you are eligible for an Indonesia in-country visa extension. WE REPEAT, a critical step is needed to make sure you are eligible for a in country visa extension!

What is it? You must pay the $35 entry fee at the airport when you arrive into Indonesia. Doesn’t matter if you are eligible for a free visa on arrival, PAY THE $35!!

Why? Because the free Indonesian visa on arrival cannot be extended or changed in any form while in Indonesia.

If you don’t pay the $35, you will need to leave Indonesia (visa run) before 30 days is up. By not paying the $35 entry fee, you are not eligible to extend your visa in the country of Indonesia.

Again, the paid visa on arrival can be extended, the non-paid visa on arrival can not be extend.

So, pay that $35 entry fee once you arrive at the airport.

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Visa & Immigration Offices

Like we stated above, you can extend your visa’s in the cities of Yogyakarta and Denpasar at their immigration offices.

Yogakarta Immigration Office

Hours of Operation:
7:30am – 4:00pm (Monday – Thursday)
7:30am – 4:30pm (Friday)
Closed (Saturday and Sunday)

Denpasar Immigration Office

Hours of Operation:
7:30am – 4:00pm (Monday – Thursday)
7:30am – 4:30pm (Friday)
Closed (Saturday and Sunday)

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Paperwork for Indonesia Visa Extension

You will need to allot at least 7 business days for your Indonesia visa extension to be processed.

For us, we needed to visit the Immigration office 3 separate times, so make sure you stay in the area.

  1. Application & Payment
  2. Interview
  3. Pickup your Visa & Passport

Another thing to note is that your current 30-day visa cannot run out while you are waiting for your visa extension to process.

Our recommendation is applying for your visa extension with 2 weeks left in your 30 day Indonesia visa. 

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Our Indonesia Visa Extension Story

Arrival Into Indonesia

From Singapore, our Indonesian entry point was at the island of Sumatra, in the city of Medan. Our plan was to stay in Indonesia for 2 months, so we needed the in country visa extension.

Upon our arrival in Sumatra, the Customs Officers did not seem to know what we were talking about when we asked to pay $35 for our visa. They kept saying it wasn’t possible. A feeling of “shit we’re screwed” started sinking in but we didn’t give up!

Lauren whipped out her phone to show proof of onward travel which was well after the 30-day mark.

Finally, the custom officers understood and brought us to a station in the airport where we paid the $35 making us eligible to extend our visas in country.

After we paid, we were given a receipt and from there, we were taken to a separate room where a special stamp was filled out and given in our passports – we are officially in country visa eligible!

Visa Extension in Bali

From here we continued throughout Sumatra, onto Yogyakarta and then finally onto Bali where we extended our Visa at the Denpasar Immigration Office.

Like we stated above, we had to visit the Immigration office three separate times.

  • The first time, to apply for our application and pay for the extension ($35 for an additional 30 days).
  • The second time, to have an interview and picture taken.
  • The third and final time, to pick up our extension.

To warn you, they will take your passport for this 5-7 day period, so don’t fret when they ask you for it.

TIP: Make sure you have a digital copy your passport just in case it is needed while the Immigration Office has your original.

We had absolutely no problems applying and getting our visa extension in Bali.

The only issue we ran into was paying the $35 entry fee at the airport in Sumatra. Which, as we remind you, is the first and most critical step in being able to extend your visa while being in the country of Indonesia.

Be diligent and don’t leave the airport without paying!

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indonesia visa extension

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– Lauren & Jesse Stuart (The Stüs)

10 Replies to “Indonesia Visa Extension – Everything You Need To Know About Extending Your Visa”

  1. Sydney Rollinson says: Reply

    Thanks for much for this bit of information! Not only am I set for more than 30 days in Indonesia 😍 but I got to skip multiple extremely long airport lines since I knew what I needed to do.

    1. Yaaay!! Have so much fun in Indonesia 🙂

  2. does that mean i have to pay 35$ twice? So once on arrival and again during the extension process?

    1. Hi Amanda – Yes, you have to pay it twice. Once on arrival and then again when you are getting your visa extension.

  3. Hi thanks for the information! We are going to Sumatra in a couple of days, and want to to go for 2 months. Do you think its possible to get a visa extension right away in medan? First couple of days of arival? Then we’re al set for our trip.
    Greetz Dennis and Suuz

    1. Hi Dennis and Suuz!

      You are going to LOVE Indonesia – assuming you haven’t already been 🙂 We spent two months in Indo and could have stay for two more!

      As for the Visa extension in Sumatra, we’re not to sure on this one. When we were here in 2017, we focused our efforts on getting our extension in Yogyakarta or Denpasar, solely because we were not going to be in Sumatra long enough to get it taken care of. We definitely say if you have the time, it’s worth the try! Let us know how it goes and good luck!

      – Lauren & Jesse

  4. Hi, I went to Indonesia and paid the $35 at the air port ,i than before the 30 days were over extended my visa another 30 days,,after extending my visa, I was there only 7 days, in reality I spent 37 days there,Now I want to go back to get marry, I like to stay few months and apply for KITAS. QUESTION .
    #1-when I get back, what do I need to do ?
    #2-Do i get an automatic 30 visa on arrival ?
    #3-Do I need to pay $35 at the airport to extend the visa another 30 days?
    #4-If not , then how do I extend my 30 day entry visa for few months?
    #5-Finaly , do I have to have a return ticket , if so, for how long can the return ticked be or say ? Please help me ,
    I been reading around the internet and it seems very confuse..thanks

    1. Hi Jose!

      We can’t answer questions specifically regarding KITAS visa as we ourselves have not gone through this process. If you want more information, we did a quick google search and found this blog post that has some useful information:

      In regards to a visa on arrival, it depends what country you are from. For instance, we’re from the USA and are eligible for a free 30-day visa on arrival for Indonesia. It’s best to check with ahead of your arrival to ensure you are compliant for whatever visa you are trying to get. Here is a link to what countries are eligible for a free visa on arrival:

      Good luck!
      Lauren & Jesse

  5. Hi, we got 2 months visa from Bangkok, but we’re planning to stay longer, can we extension at Sarong? We didn’t applied for visa on arrival😬

    1. Hi Brett,

      We’re assuming you’re from the UK based on your email address 🙂

      The UK is eligible for a free 30-day visa on arrival for Indonesia. If you are wanting to stay in Indonesia longer than 30 days you can apply for a visa head of your arrival or…

      1) pay a $35 entry fee and you can extend while in Indonesia (not sure where Sarong is or if visa extensions are a possibility there)
      2) Prior to your 30 day visa expiring, booking the cheapest round trip flight out of Indonesia so you when you fly back in, you’ll get another 30-day free visa on arrival.

      Hope this helps!!
      Lauren & Jesse

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