Essential Products That Will Help You Survive A Long-Haul Flight

Travel is amazing. Different countries provide you different but yet oh so captivating and inspiring experiences. However, sometimes getting to your destination can be a little daunting. That long-haul flight ever looming. No worries though! We have 9 essential products that will help you survive a long-haul flight and get you to your destination feeling fresh and prepared.

9 Essential Products That Will Help You Survive A Long-Haul Flight

A Portable Charger / Power Bank -Survive a Low Battery

Some long-haul flights have TV’s/entertainment, while other budget airlines don’t. To make sure you’re able to watch hours of entertainment, you’ll need to have a way to charge your phone or tablet.

We’re huge fans and supporters of always packing a power bank. Regardless if you need to juice up your electronics in the air or in the airport, having a power pack on you is a must.

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Power Bank
Power Bank

A Travel Pillow-Get the Long Haul Sleep You Need

A sort of no brainer for long-haul flights but something we wanted to make sure was on our list is a travel pillow. If there is anything you should invest in, it’s a good travel pillow.

Probably the single item to your key to comfort for long-haul flights is a travel pillow. The typical micro-bead pillows fall short for us. They do not offer nearly enough support to keep your neck comfortable allowing you sleep soundly and care free.

Our preferred travel pillows have memory form or are the inflatable kind.

Both allow great neck support and can be compressed enough as to not take up too much space. Remember, a good travel pillow can be a travel game changer for you. You want your plane ride to be as comfortable as it can be, right??

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Travel Pillow
Travel Pillow

TIP: If you have lower back problems or would like additional neck support, consider buying an inflatable pillow. You’ll be able to adjust the “firmness” or “softness” that best suits you. We went this route and for Lauren, it saved her from lower back pain. An inflatable pillow is a perfect solution for lumbar support for those long-haul flights.  

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A Travel Refresh Kit – Essential to Feeling Fresh

When the flight attendant wakes you up for breakfast, you are going to feel a little groggy and undoubtedly will be needing a refresh.

Our biggest tip to get you feeling refreshed and feeling as “back to normal” as possible is to pack a “refresh kit”

Items that should be included in any refresh kit are follows:

*Please note, these items listed above should be travel size to be compliant with TSA regulations

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Travel Bag

Travel Headphones – Help your Mind Relax

There is nothing better than a great set of heads phones, especially on a long-haul flight. The headphones you have are bound to be more comfortable than what the flight attendants pass out.

Investing in a good pair of headphones is a must in our opinion and if you can invest in noise canceling headphones, even better!  

Not only are noise canceling headphones great for listening to podcast, music or watching movies, they are also great for canceling out the noise when you are trying to SLEEP. And sleeping on the plane is very important.

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Compression Socks – Stay Conformable

Inevitably, your ankle and feet will swell while on a long-haul flight. A way to combat this is to pack some compression socks.

Compression socks provide more benefits than just helping with circulation, they are also a great 2-in-1 for compression and warmth. Planes can get chilly and there is nothing worse than being cold for the remainder of your flight…literally the worst. Invest in some compression socks, your legs will thank you ☺

We know what you’re thinking “compression socks are dorky.” No lie, some are, but the ones below are not. Check them out and just consider them for an extra level of comfort.

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A Good Sleep Mask – Get the Long-Haul Nap

We promise, there will be that ONE person that opens their window shade while everyone is trying to sleep. Once they open their shade, the cabin is flooded with light waking you up from the much-needed sleep you’re trying to get.

How annoying, are we right? The sure-fire way to prevent this annoyance is to come prepared with an eye mask.

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Eye Mask

Essential Medicines

It’s important to have your daily medication with you at all times, even when you’re traveling.

Outside of your daily medications, think about any potential issues that may arise. What happens if you get a headache? Are you a germaphobe? Do you get motion sickness easily?

All of these are questions you should ask yourself when preparing for on any long-haul flight. It’s better to come prepared and ready to aid ailments you may experience than to sit and wait till you’re on the ground.

We’ve listed a few items that we always carry with us:

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Pill Case

An Extra Layer – Survive the Chill

Without a doubt, somehow the plane is always chilly. Come prepared with an added layer that’ll keep you warm, comfortable and cozy for the duration of your flight.

A lightweight fleece is, in our opinion,  the only way to go. It’s easily packable and not too heavy to leave you sweating underneath.

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Mountain Hardware Fleece

Entertainment & Planning

Last but certainly not least is the entertainment portion of your flight.

Oh, and if you’re a planner, what better time than a long-haul flight to research the destination you’re going and plan your trip further? A few key items we suggest bringing are below…

  • A Pen – A pen comes in handy when you have to fill out visa forms on the plane.
  • Reading – While we don’t recommend travelling with books as they are too bulky and take up too much space, if you’re a book reader, we don’t want you to leave home without an item you love. Consider taking a Kindle or Tablet along instead. These two items are less bulky and a better space saver to travel with.
  • Journal – If you’re into journaling or are just starting out, there is no better time than the plane to jot down your thoughts or plan out your days in the destination you’re heading to.

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Travel Insurance Through World Nomads – Key to Survive

Worried about flight cancelations or luggage issues? How about things not going to plan on your holiday? Well, Travel Insurance through World Nomads has you covered. 

From trip protection to gear protection and everything in between, check into adding some additional level of protection to ensure your holiday is what you expect it to be…amazing. 

This is our guide to Essential Products to Help you Survive a Long-Haul Flight. Feel free to contact us with questions on specific gear!


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