Your Complete Guide to Pai, Thailand

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Really, it’s paradise in Northern Thailand and we have your complete guide to Pai, Thailand below! You should know that Pai is a backpacker haven and knows how to cater to those backpackers. It is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, hills and fields.

Your Complete Guide to Pai, Thailand

Things To See & Do In Pai, Thailand

1. Get In Touch With Your Inner Hippie:

Attend a make shift “music festival.” Lucky for us, when we arrived a buddy of ours we met previously in Chiang Mai told us to meet him at Boomland.

What is Boomland you ask?

A small little gathering outside of Pai, in a field, where folks chill out under tents, do yoga, listen to EDM music, drink beer in bamboo shoots and just chiiillll.

Lots of barefoot dancing and bongos. It was an experience to say the least!

2. Relax And Do All Kinds Of Chill At The Container Bar

We loved this place. Great views make up for their so-so food. Come here, pull up a swing and hang out with friends for a few hours and relax!

3. Vibe Out At Sunset Bar

Yes, the rumors are true. Pai has magic mushroom milkshakes. If you’re into that sorta thing, Sunset Bar is your new best friend.

4. Visit The Temple on The Hill (Wat Phra That Mae)

Or known to others as the big white Buddha statue. It’s exactly as it sounds – big white Buddha statue on top of a hill but it is a gorgeous statue and well worth the trip up.

5. Soak In The Hot Springs

Okay, to be honest, we were really disappointed with Pai’s hotsprings. They charged each person 300 baht to get it.

While the water was hot, they developed it too much where the natural feel was taken out of it. We stayed for an hour or two, but it really wasn’t so relaxing.

6. Check Out The Sunset At Pai Canyon

By far one of our favorite things we did in Pai. We came at sunset with a 4 pack of Chang beer and saw the most magnificent sunset.

It was really stunning and a must for anyone visiting Pai.

7. Hit The Road

Rent a scooter and gooooooo!

Pai has some amazing scenery for you to explore. Rent a scooter from a shop in town and set off.

You’ll stumble on hidden gems and unbelievable photo spots, we 100% promise. The best part of Pai is what lies outside the town center.

So, what are you waiting for?!

8. Chase Those Waterfalls

Pai has a few waterfalls but the one we went to was Pam Bok.

It a nice waterfall that has a pool you can swim in but the water is FREEZING! Jesse was the only brave one of the two of us to jump in.

Night Life Guid to Pai, Thailand

Spirit Bar: A trippy little bar that you get through to from a narrow alleyway. They have cheap mojitos and live music.

Pai Pub: An english pub that has football on the telle. A good place to grab a few beers.

Boom Bar: A backpacker bar where neon face paint is loved and EDM is played.

Yellow Sun: Another backpacker bar with a pool table and good music.

Don’t Cry: Where you end your night. That is all.

Where to Eat In Pai, Thailand

Pai Walking Market: A great little walking market that has everything from traditional Thai fair to bacon pizza and mac & cheese. Our recommend for your dinner every night. It’s a great little area to food hop for cheap, tasty eats. We really enjoyed it!

Om Garden: A MUST for breakfast. The have a lot of great options to choose from, and the ambiance of their outdoor garden completes the brunch spot package.

Cafecito: If you are Thai fooded-out, Cafecito is your spot! It’s a little Mexican cafe that serves up surprisingly great Mexican fare.

Where To Stay In Pai, Thailand

For The Budget Conscious: Happy House Backpackers. It was a great spot that has a social vibe with comfy beds and friendly, knowledgeable staff. It’s a hostel and has the total Southeast Asia backer vibe down.

For The Luxury Inclined: For the ultimate luxury experience in Pai, Thailand be sure to check out Reverie Siam. To its two outdoor pools, amazing views and posh setting, Reverie Siam is an unforgettable Thai accommodation.

For Something In Between: Pura Vida Pai Resort has a beautifully furnished Thai-style rooms, lush gardens and views that’ll make your jaw drop. A perfect spot to fall in love with Pai, Thailand.

For more places to stay in Pai, you can check out the latest places and prices here.


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Happy Travels,

– Lauren & Jesse Stuart (The Stüs)

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