9 Amazing Things To Do in Laos: The Highlights of Laos

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More times than not, tourists visiting Southeast Asia often pass on the opportunity to visit Laos. What a shame we say! Laos is a beautiful, adventure just waiting for you. Below, we have a list of some of the best things to do in Laos!

The Best Things To Do in Laos

The Best Things To Do in LaosWhat is Laos Famous For?

Laos is known for breathtaking scenery, quiet villages and quaint french colonial touches that seamlessly blends with its ever present buddhist culture.

Home to one of Asia’s best waterfalls, there is no shortage of beautiful places to visit in Laos. So, what are you waiting for? Your adventure awaits!

Get your complete guide to all things Laos right here!

Wander Through The Old Quarter of Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that oozes french colonial charm along with heaping side of beautiful Buddhist temples to go along with it. Whether you are exploring the Night Market of Luang Prabang or hiking to the top of Mount Phousi, Luang Prabang is a must see, not only is Laos, but in all of Asia.

The old quarter of Luang Prabang
The old quarter of Luang Prabang

Spend a Day with Elephants at MandaLao

The national animal of Laos is the elephant. So, it would be a major miss if you didn’t get to spend a day with a few elephants! MandaLao Elephant Conservation is an ethical elephant sanctuary that allows visitors to get up close and personal with these beautiful animals.

This no riding, elephant conversation is a perfect experience to add onto your “the best things to do in Laos” list.

A hungry bunch of elephants at Mandalao Elephant Conservation
A hungry bunch of elephants at Mandalao Elephant Conservation

Swim in The Pools of Kuang Si Waterfall

Cool, cascading turquoise blue water await you! Kuang Si Waterfall, the best waterfall in Laos, is a true gem! Located outside of the city of Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Waterfall is an absolute must see.

Spend your day cooling off in the refreshing blue waters and don’t be alarmed if you feel a little nibble on your feet, those are only the fishes!

Kuang Si Waterfall near Luang Prabang
Kuang Si Waterfall near Luang Prabang

Eat Your Fill of Laos Food

No trip to any country is complete without taking your taste buds on an adventure! Whether you’re chowing down in Buffet Alley in Luang Prabang or eating national dishes of Laos like Laap or Or Lam, we promise, your belly will thank you.

Buffet alley Laotian dishes
Buffet alley Laotian dishes

Marvel At Amazing Views

The viewpoint in Nong Khiaw – Pha Daeng Peak Viewpoint – offers some of the best views in all of Laos! Worth the climb to the top, you’ll be rewarded with 360 degree views of karst, rivers and the sleepy village of Nong Khiaw below.

Nong Khiaw Viewpoint Views
Nong Khiaw Viewpoint Views

Witness The Alms Giving Ceremony

A tradition that has been in existence for over 600 years is a daily alms giving ceremony that takes place in Luang Prabang. Take Bat, is a religious ceremony, where Laotian people get up before sunrise and await for Buddhist monks to leave their monasteries. These Laotian people provide the monks their daily food and in return receive a blessing.

Grab a seat and quietly watch the ceremony take place. It’s a great way to experience culture and history in one early morning.

Alms giving in Luang Prabang
Alms giving in Luang Prabang

Party Hardy in Vang Vieng

There is no shortage of beer pong games, magic mushroom shakes and dance parties in Vang Vieng! The most popular party draw is the famous river tubing in Vang Vieng. The concept is simple but yet draws backpackers from near and far.

You pay for an inflated inner tube rental and float down the Nam Song river bar to bar until you can’t float anymore! Meet new friends, drink a ton and enjoy some fun in the sun with people from all over the world.

Tubbing on the Nam Song River in Laos
Tubbing on the Nam Song River in Laos

Hike to The 100 Waterfalls

No visit to Laos is complete without a bit of adventure and a hike! One of the best hikes in all of Laos is located in the North. The 100 Waterfall Hike is a day hike that takes you through remote villages and up a series of “one hundred waterfalls” till you reach the tippy top to take in the beautiful views below.

Truly, this is one hike that you soon wont forget!

Laos Waterfalls - 100 Waterfall Hike
Laos Waterfalls – 100 Waterfall Hike

Enjoy a Lao Beer at Sunset

In between your exploring and adventures, an important thing to never forget is to enjoy an ice cold Lao Beer as the sun sets. Talk about your day, plan for your next but above all, be thankful for that beautiful view and mediocre Asian beer 🙂

sunset vibes in Vang Vieng, Laos
sunset vibes in Vang Vieng, Laos

How Many Days Do You Need in Laos?

Well, the choice is really up to you. You can stay only a few days and experience one city, like Luang Prabang, or you can stay two weeks in Laos and experience all the things we covered above!

Once you arrive, you’ll be infatuated and fall in love with this country. Trust us, we can speak from experience 🙂

Where To Stay in Laos

From Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng to Vientiane and all the other amazing cities and towns there are to experience, check out the latest places and prices below to secure an unforgettable Laotian accommodation.



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– Lauren & Jesse Stuart (The Stüs)

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      We were in Laos from the beginning to mid April! I will say that while the water was beautiful, farmers were burning their fields so the air quality was foggy. Not so much in Luang Prabang, but definitely in Vang Vieng and Nong Khiaw

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