Marrakech to Fez by Train: Your Morocco Travel Guide

Taking the train from Marrakech to Fez is something to consider if you have time. We took the train from Marrakech to Fez and are here to give you all the details, so you know what to expect during your day on the tracks!

Marrakech to Fez by Train

How Long is The Train Ride From Marrakech to Fez

Plan on 7 to 8 hours of travel time. Of course, this depends on which train you choose. Some trains may be shorter or longer than others.

For reference, we left at 8:30am sharp from the Marrakech Train Station and arrived at 4:30pm to the Fez Train Station. The trip took 8 hours.

TIP: Get to the Marrakech Train Station 15 minutes prior to your departure as the train leaves on time! You don’t want to be left on the platform watching the train chug away.

Marrakesh Train Station
Marrakesh Train Station

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Marrakech to Fez Train Price

First class tickets cost around $30 USD.

First class is an air-conditioned compartment that seats 6 people. There is a small table next to the window and has storage above the seats for your bags. In addition, first class lets you choose your seat which is perfect for a group traveling together.

Second class tickets cost around $20 USD.

Marrakech to Fes Train: First Class Cabin
Marrakech to Fes Train: First Class Cabin

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Where to Buy Tickets For The Train From Marrakech to Fez

Tickets cannot be purchased online if you live outside of Morocco. Instead, you’ll have to book your tickets once you arrive in Morocco.

Once you are in Morocco, you can either visit the Marrakech Train Station yourself and buy the tickets in person or, have your accommodation purchase the train tickets on your behalf.

However, do not fret if you can’t get your tickets ahead of time! There are several trips a day made from Marrakech to Fez.

Plan to book your train tickets a day or two before your preferred departure day and you should have no problems getting on the train you want.

TIP: When visiting during the high season, you may want reach out to your accommodation ahead of time to ensure you get the train tickets you want.

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Where is The Marrakech Train Station

Built in 2008, the Marrakech Train Station is located west of the Marrakesh medina, about a 10-15 minute taxi ride.

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Marrakech to Fez Train Timetables

Since booking your train tickets ahead of time is not an option, you can at least visit ONCF to get an idea of train timetables and prices.

Or, another option is to defer to the concierge at your accommodation for train prices and timetables. From our experience, they are happy to help.

Something to note and/or understand is that on some Moroccan train routes, you’ll see options for “rapide” trains and “ordinaire” trains. For your knowledge, the “rapide” trains are a little more expensive but much faster.

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About the Train Ride from Marrakech to Fez

When taking the train from Marrakech to Fes, please keep in mind that the train does make frequent stops.

The train chugs and halts to a stop at many stations as you make your way to Fez. From Marrakech, the train heads up along the coast north to Rabat before making a right and heading east towards Fez.

You’ll pass through large cities, small towns and rural country sides. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Beautiful scenery on the way to Fez by Train
Beautiful scenery on the way to Fez by Train

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What To Bring on The Train from Marrakech to Fez

The ride is long. Like 8 hours long, so it’s best to come prepared.

Our tip? Have a deck of cards or a good book. Hell, consider downloading a movie or catching up on the latest Netflix binger. If you’re sleepy, make sure you have a neck pillow packed with you to catch up on the z’s.

In regards to food, make sure you have some with you. While there is a trolley on the train, it comes at odd times and is a little unreliable. Bad for hungry travelers like us.

At the Marrakech Train Station, there are food and beverage options for you to purchase prior to boarding the train.

Fez Train Station
Fez Train Station

Anything Else I Need To Know About The Train Ride

Yes, actually. You may or may not encounter a very friendly Moroccan man wanting to help you see the city of Fez.

He’ll offer a pitch about a medina tour at a “very good price.”

Kindly pass on his offer. While the tour may sound great, it’s overpriced. If you want to book a medina tour in Fez, head to Trip Advisor or book through your accommodation.

Where to Stay in Fez

For The Budget Conscious: Dar Borj is a cozy family run Dar located in the medina and a few minutes walk from The Blue Gate. With an unbelievable rooftop terrace, enjoy some mint tea and watch the sunset over the media.

For The Luxury Inclined: From an amazing on site spa, to a wonderful bar and lounge to fabulous food and intricate decor and tile work, Riad Fes is a one of a kind accommodation experience in the heart of the Fez medina.

For Something In Between: Riad Fes Al Cazar Suite & Spa is a beautiful riad that is situated in the historic old town of Fez. Featuring a swimming pool and friendly staff, Riad Fes Al Cazar is a great choice for travelers.

For more places to stay in Fez, you can check out the latest places and prices here.


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Marrakech to Fez by Train

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