1. When travelling to water-rich areas and requiring to take under-water photographs, I would recommend picking a waterproof phone while selecting which type of phone to buy.

    If I was travelling and I needed to save my memories with me, I’d pick a smartphone to buy.

    I could use a device like a smartphone, on a daily basis, for many things to do – gaming, browsing, photo and video taking, communicating, and so much more!

    Now that smartphones have so many options in them and are competing with cameras for their mega-pixels, the gap has nearly closed with smartphones emerging as the more functional of the devices.

    Now, if I worked for a magazine or a news publication, then I would seriously consider buying the best camera on the market, that appeared last year, to get the best deals on it!

    When travelling, it would be good to carry an extra hundred dollars, just in case you need a smartphone and you don’t have one – you could buy one – an 8MP one suitable for your blog and the Internet!

    That way, you can save and share your memories when the time comes and make the most of your adventure!

    1. Great tip! We’ve never worked with a waterproof smart phone so don’t feel comfortable recommending something we haven’t used ourselves but definitely a good tip!

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