The Best Restaurant In Fes, Morocco

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There are so many places to eat in Fes so how do you possibly choose? Easy, we’re going to tell you the best restaurant in Fes, Morocco to eat at. How about that for “we got your back” service?!

The Best Restaurant in Fes

About Restaurant Dar Hatim

Located in the maze of the Fes medina, you’ll find this family home turned restaurant. Open for over a decade, Restaurant Dar Hatim serves up local Moroccan fares to perfection. Now, we’re by no means Moroccan cuisine experts, but shhhiiiit is it good!

From elaborate tiled walls and floors to beautiful Moroccan rugs, this former home brings you all those good Moroccan vibes as soon as you enter.

Upon arrival, you feel welcomed by the impeccable service. The owners, Fouad and his wife Karima, welcome you with big smiles and warm greetings, they will also be taking care of you throughout the entire meal!

Best Restaurant in Fes - Restaurant Dar Hatim
Best Restaurant in Fes – Restaurant Dar Hatim

As soon as you sit down, Karima lays down menus and brings you a welcome drink of mint tea. The menu has a handful of dishes and then a special or two.

Karima takes pride in her establishment and even more pride in her dishes. She’ll tell you how the specials are made from a family recipe and that it would be a mistake not to get it. Trust us on this, get the special!

After you order, the eating begins. First, bread and a display or salads (various tasty sides like carrots, lentils, beets and more!). Next, your meal you ordered and finally, desert and more mint tea!

How To Get To The Best Restaurant In Fes

You are crazy if you think “oh, we’ll walk there ourselves.” Excuse us while we laugh! HAHAHA! Restaurant Dar Hatim is tucked away in the maze of the Fes medina – and we mean tucked.

Our recommendation, ask your accommodation to give Restaurant Dar Hatim a call. As part of their wonderful service, they have a member of their family come pick you up and walk you to the restaurant.

There address and phone number are below:

  • Address: N°19 Derb Ezaouia Fandak , Lihoudi, Fès 30000, Morocco
  • Phone: +212 5356-37836

What To Eat At Restaurant Dar Hatim

From veggie couscous to turkey skewers, you’ll find a short menu of tasty Moroccan food to choose from. In our opinion, you honestly can’t go wrong. The food is amazing.

However, if you want to be blown away, get the special Lamb Tajine (if you don’t get this, you fail) and the Pastilla. Your taste buds will forever thank you.

The Best Lamb Tajine in Fes
The Best Lamb Tajine in Fes

Meals range anywhere from 130 DH – 200 DH ($13 to $22). Not super budget friendly but the amount of food you get, the service and overall experience is soooooo worth it.

Our recommendation? Go with a group so you can order everything and share!

Where to Stay in Fes

For The Budget Conscious: Dar Borj is a cozy family run Dar located in the medina and a few minutes walk from The Blue Gate. With an unbelievable rooftop terrace, enjoy some mint tea and watch the sunset over the media.

For The Luxury Inclined: From an amazing on site spa, to a wonderful bar and lounge to fabulous food and intricate decor and tile work, Riad Fes is a one of a kind accommodation experience in the heart of the Fes medina. 

For Something In Between: Riad Fes Al Cazar Suite & Spa is a beautiful riad that is situated in the historic old town of Fes. Featuring a swimming pool and friendly staff, Riad Fes Al Cazar is a great choice for travelers.

For more places to stay in Fes, you can check out the latest places and prices here.


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the best restaurant in Fes, Morocco

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