Santurce Murals

Santurce Street Art: San Juan’s Graffiti Neighborhood

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The colorful San Juan neighborhood of Santurce is vibrant and full of expressive personality and Santurce’s street art is no different. From where to eat and what to do, we have a complete guide for your visit to Puerto Rico’s art district neighborhood, Santurce.

The Murals of Santurce

Santurce Neighborhood

Located 6kms / 4mis away from Old San Juan (about a 10 minute Uber ride), a short trip to see the street art of Santurce is easily doable in a few hours.

Similar to Wynwood in Miami or Georgetown in Penang, Santurce’s artists gave life to its run-down dilapidated buildings. Through their beautiful graffiti murals, these local artists put Santurce on the map as the art district of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

San Juan Street Art

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Where is Santurce’s Street Art?

Santurce’s street art can be found on Calle Cerra, a street that runs through the heart of the most popular murals.

Plan to start your Santurce street art walking tour at the intersection of Manual Fernandez Juncos Avenue and Calle Cerra. At that intersection, you’ll immediately start seeing the street art.

Continue walking north, up Calle Cerra where you’ll pass by mural after mural. For several blocks you’ll pass by vibrant expressions of art and soon see why Santurce is so special.

Santurce Neighborhood Street Art

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Once you reach Calle Progreso, your walking tour is complete. However, feel free to explore the blocks west of Calle Cerra as there is some street art that has trickled over to the surrounding blocks.

Santurce Es Ley – How Santurce Street Art Began

Artists tend to be the voice of the people, street artists in particular. With Puerto Rico’s current and past socio-economic problems, the local artists of Santurce used their neighbored buildings as their canvas.

Santurce Es Ley started on Calle Cerra as an impromptu community art gathering, and has since grown into an annual festival that welcomes visitors from far and wide.

Santurce Art District

We have Santurce Es Ley, and the local artists that started this festival, to thank for the beautiful graffiti street art of the Santurce neighborhood.

Santurce Restaurants – Where to Eat & Drink Near Calle Cerra

No trip to Calle Cerra is complete without a visit to El Patio De Solé. El Patio De Solé is a funky, local, family-run restaurant with fantastic food that can be enjoyed on their beautiful, artsy patio.

If you’re looking for a few more options, two additional spots to grab some food is at El Axolote and MUSA. Both have a great vibe and delicious food to go along with it.

If you’re looking for a bar to belly-up to, we highly suggest Watusi. Esquina El Watusi is a corner neighborhood bar that is a perfect pitstop for cooling off with a drink or two

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Santurce Art District

Santurce Nightlife

Looking for a night out in Santurce? Well, there are some amazing places a short Uber ride from Calle Cerra’s street art strip. Below is a list of great spots for you to check out.

  • La Placita is a quiet marketplace surrounded by bars and restaurants but come night, it turns into a street party. An absolute must-do when in the neighborhood of Santurce.
  • Jungle Bird is your place to get your cocktail fix. Home to a great vibe and killer tiki cocktails, Jungle Bird is a top cocktail bar in Puerto Rico.
  • Lote 23 is a food truck-like experience where stalls line an open-air courtyard offering anything from traditional Puerto Rican food to pizza and poke bowls.
  • La Penultima is another great bar located just up the street from Jungle Bird – how convenient, right? A great bar serving tasty bar food and cold drinks is a perfect start to any night out in Santurce.

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Where To Stay – Santurce Accommodations

  • The Luxury Inclined:  Staying at Casa Wilson Inn is sure to please. From the friendly staff to cozy, quaint quarters, you’ll easily want to extend your stay here.
  • The Budget Conscious: Santurcia Hostel is a short walk to the beach but in the heart of the Santurce neighborhood. From private to shared dorms, this good-vibe artsy hostel is a great spot to call home for a few nights.
  • Something in Between: Avila Guesthouse is within walking distance from everything which is one of the reasons guests love this accommodation. It’s clean, comfortable and a great value for your money.

For more accommodation choices and places to stay in Santurce, you can check the latest place and prices here to secure unforgettable Puerto Rican accommodations.

Is Santurce Safe?

Not all parts of Santurce are safe so it’s best to be alert when walking through the neighborhood.

The street art on Calle Cerra should be something you do during the day and once the sun starts to set, consider making your way to the area of La Placita where you can spend your evening hours drinking, eating, and dancing and the many bars and cafes.


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