Installing The Adventure Pack

First, a massive thank you!

We created these presets with a lot of love and are so incredibly thankful for your support! For real, you should see our smiles. They’re big and full of gratitude. So again, thank you! Oh, and we cannot WAIT to see what your photos look like when you use our presets. So please be sure to share each and every one with us by tagging us in your photos!

Second, let’s make sure you get everything installed.

Alrighty, presets purchased (WOO-HOO!), now what?? To help you to start using our presets as soon as possible, we created a few video tutorials and PDF guides to help make installing our Adventure Pack presets as easy as possible.

Video Tutorials

PDF Guides

For any more questions, please visit our Lightroom preset FAQ page.

Third, let’s get you in the mood.

A good playlist. How crucial is a good playlist? It’s a must. So, we made a Spotify playlist to get you in a photo-editing mood. Whether you’re editing a batch or just a few, listen to some of our favorite songs to get the vibe right and your creative juices flowing.

Scan the QR code below to start listening. Don’t have a Spotify account? No worries. You can set one up for free here. Please note, our editing playlist contains explicit language.

spotify playlist qr code

Fourth, let us know what you think!

Finally, we’d love to get your thoughts on our presets! We want to see those beautiful photos and hear which of our 13 presets is your favorite! Leave us a review by sending us an email and sharing your photos with us on Instagram.

We can’t wait to see the beauty you create!


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