How To Get From Thailand to Langkawi by Ferry

In Southern Thailand and looking to take a ferry to Langkawi? Well, we’re here to walk you through the two options you have on how to get to Langkawi, Malaysia from Thailand by ferry.

Thailand to Langkawi by Ferry

If you are in Thailand and want to travel by ferry to Langkawi, you can do so from the island of Koh Lipe or from the city of Satun.

Thailand to Langkawi by Ferry

Option 1: Koh Lipe to Langkawi

Langkawi is approximately 30 km / 19 miles from Koh Lipe, Thailand. The ferry ride from Koh Lipe to Langkawi takes about 90 minutes when all said and done.

Koh Lipe Ferry Schedule & Price

The ferry from Koh Lipe to Langkawi runs several times a day but only operates during the high-season which is early October – early June. However, the exact dates vary from year to year – it’s Asia, get used to things be a little wonky 🙂

The cost for the ferry from Koh Lipe to Langkawi ranges from 110.00RM – 128.00RM which is roughly $26 – $31 USDs.

Koh Lipe Ferry Tickets

You can book your ferry tickets to Langkawi directly through your accommodation on Koh Lipe or online through 12go Asia.

Powered by 12Go Asia system

Please understand weather is unpredictable so booking this route on the cusps of the rainy season could be a bit risky.

Once the weather starts to turn, the seas become choppy and the route from Koh Lipe to Langkawi is no longer is an option.

Leaving Koh Lipe

Once you have your ticket and departure date, you’ll head to the Koh Lipe immigration offices which are located on Pattaya Beach.

You’ll get stamped out of Thailand and then taken to the ferry.

You’ll have to take a long-tail boat transfer to the ferry as ferries can not get close enough to Koh Lipe to pick up passengers directly.

This long-tail boat transfer will cost about 50 baht.

Please note, some operators include this fee in their ticket price. Be sure you know what you have and have not paid for to ensure you don’t pay an additional 50 baht.

Option 2: Satun to Langkawi

Satun is a city located in the “deep south” of Thailand and a ferry access point to several of the southernmost Thai islands in the Andaman Sea. Satun is also your second option in catching a ferry from Thailand to Langkawi.

Ferries from Satun depart from Tammalang Pier. This is where you will get stamped out of Thailand and board your ferry to Langkawi.

Satun Ferry Schedule & Price

Ferries depart everyday from Satun for Langkawi and run 2 to 4 times a day depending on the month/season. The trip takes about an hour and a half and costs about 300 baht / 30 RM for a one-way ticket. This is about $10 USDs.

Satun Ferry Tickets

If you are interested in this option, our advice is to book this with your accommodation in Thailand as there is no online site to book through.

If you don’t book through your accommodation, you book directly with Tammalang Pier upon your arrival. We do recommend booking with your accommodation as they will ensure you have a reservation and transfers to the ferry terminal.

Important Things To Know When Arriving in Langkawi

1) Know that Malaysia is one hour ahead of Thailand

2) There are two drop off points in Langkawi. If you want get dropped off at the ferry terminal that is closer to your accommodation, pay attention to where your ticket drops you off. If you don’t care, then carry on 🙂

3) Once you arrive on Langkawi, there are exchange counters and ATMs for you to get your Malaysian Riggits.

4) Make sure you have all documents needed for your Visa. Once at the Langkawi port, you will need to hand over those documents in order to get stamped into the country. US citizens, your Visa requirements are below. 

US Citizens are eligible for a 90-day free Visa on Arrival
A valid US passport
2 passport sizes photos
No visa fee

Where To Stay On Langkawi

For The Budget Conscious: If you are wanting to stay with a sweet family, you need to book your stay at Tokmann Inn. Yati and Mas are kind, amazing hosts who will take absolute care of you during your time on Langkawi. Their accommodation is clean and a short walk to the a Pantai beach and one you soon wont forget.

For The Luxury Inclined: Looking for a beach front resort & spa? Look no further than Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort And Spa is your spot. From cozy seaside chalets to beautiful gardens and a pool, Meritus is luxury waiting for you.

For Something In Between: The Smith House is tucked away from the beach, but no worries, the pool on site makes up for it along with the amazing breakfast and friendly staff.

For more places to stay on Langkawi you can check out the latest places and prices here.


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