How to Get to Hue, Vietnams Abandoned Waterpark and Enter For Free

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Hue is Central Vietnam’s Imperial City. Home to amazing food, rich history and an abandoned waterpark. Yup, an abandoned waterpark. We’re here to tell you all about it and how to get to Hue, Vietnams abandoned water park and enter for free!

How to Get to Hue, Vietnams Abandoned Waterpark and Enter For Free

Getting to Hue’s Abandoned Waterpark Secret Entrance

Located on the outskirts of Hue’s Imperial City lies the abandoned waterpark of Hue.

The best way to get to Hue’s abounded waterpark is to rent a scooter from your accommodation or from a local shop in town. From the Imperial City, it’s about a 20-25-minute scooter ride to the waterpark secret entrance.

Our tip on to find Hue’s abandoned waterpark and enter for free? Download Maps.Me from the iOS or Google Play stores ahead of time.

Download the Hue map and search for “abandoned waterpark.” You’ll see the main entrance and also a second entrance that says “Free Entrance to Abandoned Waterpark.”

The free entrance is what you should select and begin your route to.

Be warned, the ride to the free entrance gets a little bumpy as you are going over gravel and dirt to get to the backside of the waterpark.

It’s nothing you can’t handle though!

Before you know it, there you are, pulling up right to one of the pools of the bonded waterpark.

Park your bike and begin exploring! See, we got you in easy-peasy 🙂

How to Get Around Hue’s Abandoned Waterpark?

The abandoned waterpark of Hue is fairly easy to navigate. The park operates in a loop that can be walked or driven by scooter.

The paths are a bit bumpy and overgrown so if you are on a scooter, just be cautious and careful.

Tip: If you’re riding a scooter, park in the shade where you can. The seat of your scooter will be scorching hot if you don’t!

Why Was Hue’s Waterpark Abandoned?

From what we were told, Hue’s waterpark opened in 2004 and was a 3-million-dollar project. From large pools to slides, the park was a massive place for families to escape the heat of central Vietnam.

Shortly after opening, the waterpark shut down leaving everything built on site to waste away.

We’re not sure why the waterpark closed, all we know is that everything was left behind to be forgotten about.

It wasn’t until social media popped and more and more tourists began flocking to Hue’s abandoned waterpark that it became sort of a “tourist” destination in Hue, Vietnam.  

What to Expect at Hue’s Abandoned Waterpark?

The rumors of live alligators swimming around are not true. Ha, sorry to disappoint! And no, you will not need to scale a fence to get in. It’s not that top secret….anymore.

The once off the beaten path attraction has now become an unusual tourist staple, if you will, when visiting Hue.

To set the record straight, if you are looking for beauty,  you may want to pass on the waterpark.

Graffiti covers a lot of the walls and the foliage is completely overgrown and running wild. The standing water is a gross green color that makes you feel if you accidentally slip and fall in, you would need some sort of radioactive treatment to get better.

Regardless of how eerie and dilapidated the park is; it does have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about it.

What to See at Hue’s Abandoned Waterpark?

Dragons and amphitheaters and waterslides, oh my! Here is what you can expect to see at Hue’s abandoned waterpark.

The Dragon

The main staple of the park is the large dragon shooting out of the lake. It’s pretty big and the highlight of the dragon is that it can be entered and explored.

A several story spiral staircase leads you to the top where you have views of the lake and park. You’ll pass next to empty water filled tanks where an aquarium of sea creatures once lived (aka the crocodiles everyone thinks are there).

You’ll encounter random shark jaws and hanging stingray décor too. It’s a whole lot of dilapidated randomness for your enjoyment.

The Amphitheater

To add to the eerie-ness of the park, the apocalyptic amphitheater makes you feel like you’re in an episode of “The Walking Dead.”

With its graffiti wall art and large overgrown arena, it definitely gives off the vibe that everything was left and in a hurry.

Spooky stuff.

The Waterslides

There are three waterslides that lay in tact that are accessible by a set of stairs.

If you’re brave enough, you can slide (slowly) down the slides stopping right before the pool where riders would empty out in.

The overgrown setting is home to what looked to be a “kids” playground.

Just a fair warning, be careful not to get too close to the pool, who knows, there may actually be crocodiles

Now, the park is far from boring. In fact, it’s an unusual take on what you would normally see on your travels in Vietnam or Southeast Asia.

If you have the time, we definitely recommend taking a morning to go check out Hue, Vietnams abounded waterpark! 

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