View of Chingaza National Park in Colombia

5 Unforgettable Day Trips From Bogota Colombia

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The city where it always feels like Spring is no other than Bogota, Colombia. It’s a bustling metropolis with endless places to explore, food to taste, and drinks to consume. With all the things there is to do in the capital city of Colombia, it’s no surprise that Bogota is surrounded by amazing things to do too! From half-day to full-day trips from Bogota, Bogota really is a great jumping-off point to your Colombia vacation.

From Bogota coffee tours and Bogota hikes and waterfalls to a hand-carved salt cathedral, there are several amazing day trips from Bogota that await you! And the best part? No flying is involved to get there. Check out the list below to help plan your Bogota day trip or weekend away.

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Day Trips From Bogota

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1. Explore The Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

Located around an hour from Bogota (42km / 26 miles), lies a church built within the tunnels of a former salt mine, some 600 feet (200 meters) underground. The Salt Cathedral of Bogota, Zipaquir Salt Cathedral, is not only a unique day trip from Bogota but a tourist destination and place of pilgrimage in the country, especially during the Easter holiday.

Opened in 1995, the Zipaquir Salt Cathedral serves as a place for practicing Catholics to come to mass on Sundays. If a Sunday mass isn’t you’re cup of tea, no worries! The Zipaquir Salt Cathedral is open Monday-Saturday from 9 am – 6 pm for those wanting to come and experience the unique and impressive architectural design of this underground church.

The underground Bogota Salt Cathedral

2. Take A Colombian Coffee Tour in Fusagasugá

If you’re a coffee lover then no trip to Colombia is complete without getting a first-hand look at how the world-renowned Colombian Coffee is made. Located 1.5 hours south of the city of Bogota lies Fusagasugá where Hacienda Coloma, a local coffee plantation, can be found.

You’ll spend the day walking their plantation and learning how their coffee is grown, harvested, and processed and of course, do a little coffee taste testing.

3. Experience The Legend of El Dorado at Guatavita Lake

Lake Guatavita is a crater lake surrounded by forest tree lines located a little less than 2 hours from Bogota. This lake is a sacred site to the Muisca people (indigenous people), who cast elaborate gold offerings into the lake depths to appease the Gods. As their ceremonial offerings became known, this legend attracted the Spanish conquistadors to this land in the sixteenth century inspiring the legend of El Dorado.

Today, you can still experience the beauty of Lake Guatavita, go on a little hike and learn about the legend and the Muisca people. For all you treasure hunters, you’ll have to head to the Gold Museum in Bogota to view some of the excavated gold offerings extracted from Lake Guatavita.

TIP: You can also do a combo of this tour and the Salt Cathedral if you would like to experience both places.

View of Lake Guatavita in Colombia

4. Hiking in Chingaza National Natural Park

Are you a nature lover? Looking to get a solid hike in? Well, Chingaza National Park may be just for you! Located around 2-hours from Bogota, Chingaza National Park has 76,600 hectares that provide 80% of the drinking water of Bogota as well as endless scenic beauty and wildlife viewing for your to take in.

You can hike to Laguna de Buitrago in Chingaza National Park, one of the most beautiful places and hikes in the park. Taking around 3 hours, the hike will take you over a variety of terrains as your guide educates you on the national park flora, fauna, and history.

Landscapes of the beautiful Chingaza National Park

5. Chase La Chorrera and El Chiflon Waterfalls

How does hiking through lush woodlands to reach two waterfalls, one of which is Colombia’s tallest waterfall? Pretty awesome, right? El Chiflón and La Chorrera are located just outside the hustle and bustle of Bogota. The hike up is fairly strenuous but well worth it for views of these towering falls.

You’ll have the opportunity to walk behind the El Chiflón waterfall and take a swim at the waterfall’s base. After you have your fill of El Chiflón, you’re heading to La Chorrera, the tallest waterfall in Colombia. Standing tall at 1,935 feet (590 meters), you’ll get to enjoy its towering views and you munch and refuel on a few snacks.

La Chorrera the tallest waterfall in Colombia

Weekend Trip From Bogota

Visit Villa de Leyva

A perfect weekend trip from Bogota is Villa de Leyva. Located around 3-hours from Bogota, Villa de Leyva is a colonial town known for its whitewashed colonial buildings and cobbled streets. You can book round trip transportation by either public bus or hire a private transfer. Your hotel in Bogota will be able to help you with booking tickets and making reservations.

If you’re short on time, and really want to see Villa de Leyva, you can make this a day trip from Bogota.

The sqaure in Villa de Leyva

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