8 Insanely Great but Completely Overlooked Travel Products

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Trying to get “travel ready”?! Well we have a pretty epic list of 8 insanely great but completely overlooked travel products for you. After spending time traveling around America, Europe and Asia these are products that we seriously can’t recommend enough for whatever sort of traveler you are.

Whether there for utility purposes or just for fun, we recommend not leaving home without any of these. Trust us on this ☺

1) Passport Holder

Outside of it just being a trendy travel accessory, it serves a complete purpose! The slots allow you to store multiple credit cards, identification and money! Also, it’s a perfect spot to save a plane, train, bus ticket or any sort of papers you’d like to store somewhere safe for later.

Shop: Men’s Passport Holder | Woman’s Passport Holder

2) Hanging Toiletry Bag

We can’t stress enough how much we love hanging toiletry bags!!

If you’re staying in a shared dorm accommodation think how dirty the bathrooms can be….gross, right? Or, what if you’re tent camping…limited space to work around in, right?

Hanging toiletry bags not only keep your toiletries (you know the things you use on your body) clean and dry, but also allows you to access everything you need in an easy, organized way, without having to scrummage around your bags.

Shop: Hanging Toiletry Bag

3) Noise Canceling Head Phones

Road tripping with friends with bad taste in music? Wanting to cancel out the noise of the train, bus or plane you’re on? Or, how about just want to zone out and not pay attention to the chaos around you and get some rest?

Say it with us…Noise. Canceling. Headphones. What a wonderful thing they are!

Shop: Noise Canceling Headphones

4) First Aid Kit

Now, some of you may be thinking duh, BUT we’ve met so many travelers that did not have a first aid kit on them.

We opted for the travel size and carried it in our day bags, always.

We can’t even count the number of times a Band-Aid or two was needed for blisters or cuts while we were out exploring. Having the first aid kit on us allowed us to get cleaned up, bandaged and continue with our day, pain free while avoiding unnecessary pit stops.

Shop: First Aid Kit

5) Power Bank

A power bank is your life line. We carried ours with us all the time.

If you’re going hiking or will be in a remote area with no electricity, the battery pack will keep your tech gadgets charged so you don’t miss any picture-perfect shots.

You don’t have to be in the remote wilderness to use a power bank. If you’re traveling for several hours and want to watch some Netflix on your phone or just get some work in, the battery pack keeps your devices  juiced up, so you can wrap up that project or see how that cliffhanger ends.

Shop: Power Bank

6) HooToo

If you are a picture taker, BUY THIS PRODUCT.

A friend of ours got this as a “bon voyage” present before we set off on our Southeast Asian backpacking adventure. The best travel gift we’ve quite possibly ever gotten is the HooToo.

If you’ve traveled before, you know WIFI can be a problem. It can be hard to find and if you do find it, it can be reaaaalllly slow, especially when you’re trying to upload photos to a cloud drive.

HooToo is essentially a USB that you can plug into your phone where you can upload pictures and then transfer to your computer. It serves two purposes. 1) a photo backup and 2) a vessel to get pictures onto your computer.

It’s a travel and time saver game changer.

Shop: HooToo

7) Bluetooth Speaker

The sure-fire way to add to the party or mellow out with chill vibes is to bring music. However, we’re not here to talk about any Bluetooth speaker, we’re here to talk about our overall best pick for Bluetooth speaker. Here is why.

Space is limited when you travel so where you can save on space, that’s a win. The Buckshot Pro is a flashlight, speaker and USB charger in ONE! Plus, it comes with an elastic strap that you can warp around a tree branch, handle bar or where ever you might possible need to secure this device to play some sweet tunes.

We can see you smiling from here ☺

Shop: Bluetooth Speaker

8) Swiss Army Knife

Again, maybe another no brainer item to some of you, but for the rest of you, consider investing in a Swiss Army Knife.

It’s your compact one stop tool shop. From a nail filer to bottler open to scissors, you’ll be surprised at how often this little pocket companion comes in handy.

Shop: Swiss Army Knife


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Happy Travels,

– Lauren & Jesse Stuart (The Stüs)

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